“Slick rock ’n’ soul with equal parts groove and intellect, ambition and ability” Jonathan Zwickel

Black Giraffe appreciates the one person dancing like no one’s watching in a crowd seemingly trapped in the tiny town from Footloose. The goal of every live show is to turn the whole audience into Kevin Bacon by mixing Soul, R&B, rock, and any rhythm that moves people with a grimy pop palette. 

Formed in 2014 by brothers Andy and Don Ayers, Black Giraffe hit the Seattle music scene with its old school vocals, percussive synth sounds, and driving African inspired drums.
At first I had something closer to straight soul in mind. As we moved along, it became clear that by mixing our penchant for odd rhythms, and introspective lyrics with soul melodies and a pop sense of fun we had something exciting.” 
— Andy Ayers
The brothers released their debut album, Drunk Tank Pink, in March 2015. "After a year of intermittent shows and recording sessions, [Black Giraffe is] ready to release their debut - and it's worth the wait. ... More than most young bands in town, these guys are ready for prime time," wrote Jonathan Zwickel for the March 2015 edition of City Arts.
After the introduction of a new line-up with Lauren Wells on violin, vocals and keyboard, and Ben Rud on drums, the band released its sophomore album, Talk Cheap in 2017. The album, with its catchy dance tunes inspired by pop chimera’s of the past like David Bowie and Prince, propelled the band further into the public eye.
At their best, Seattle trio Black Giraffe deliver a sound you never thought you needed: The Pixies covering Of Montreal songs, with a blue-eyed soul singer fronting the works. The unapologetically poppy songs twist just enough to keep them interesting, and singer/guitarist Andy Ayers sports chops to burn.
— Tony Kay for City Arts, March 2017


Vocals, Guitar, Synths, etc. / Andy Ayers
Violin, Vocals, Keyboard / Lauren Wells
Drums / Benjamin Rud
Drums / Don Ayers