It’s been awhile, but the band once again hear clarion call of the road. This weekend we’re headed out into the wild blue yonder with nothing but the wind at our backs and blue sky ahead of us… and shows also shows.  To top it off join us in Seattle Dec 17th at the High Dive for a Festivus Celebration featuring the airing of Musical Grievances.

  I'll also be performing at a Holiday sing along at the Conor Byrne Sat Dec 23rd with members of Golden Idols, Fruit Juice, Spinster, and Stucky Jackson & the Boys. All proceeds benefit Ballard Food Bank.  


Dec 8   The Charleston /// Bremerton 8pm

Dec 9   Sports Center  /// Yakima  9:30pm

Dec 10 Twilight Cafe  /// Portland  9pm

Dec 17  High Dive /// Seattle   8PM